Residents of the Hunter's Ridge neighborhood are part of the River Bend Public School District.

  • The district offers a Fulton Blended Pre-School program for qualifying children.
  • Kindergarteners through 5th graders attend Fulton Elementary School.
  • 6th graders through 8th graders attend River Bend Middle School.
  • High School students attend Fulton High School. 
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Residents interested in a parochial education:
  • Children aged 3 and older can attend Unity Christian Pre-School and Child Care
  • Unity Christian Elementary School  offers a parochial education to children in Kindergarten through 8th grade.
  • Grades 9 - 12 can attend Unity Christian High School.  

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Post Secondary Education:

In addition to providing quality, personalized public and parochial educational opportunities, Hunter's Ridge residents have access to a variety of colleges in the area including Clinton Community College in Clinton, IA and Sauk Valley Community College in Dixon, IL.